Wilday's Wizzard Workshop

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Simon Wilday

Retired after working 50 years designing for 3 dimensional advertising. The family studio now is actively working on a limited number of commission projects, while building a private collection of models illustrating the range of world wide VW air cooled vehicles from 1934 to the present day, also spending time sketching and painting, working in conjunction with a computer tablet in multi media formats.


Art School and Apprenticeship trained working continuously for the same company in a wide range of subjects that included drawing, project management and modelling in scales from an eight-foot replica trophy to landscape of a midland chocolate factory buildings and the surrounding estate including the railway.

3D animated car production line, many client production stories also included 2D graphics as for a cider company that followed the apple to the bottle, and the model orchards had so many trees all hand made. Designs and production detail drawings started on the drawing board now on computer CAD that includes 3D presentation.

With so many design projects to list here are just a few examples.

  • INSTORE DISPLAYS - for shoes, electrical goods and confectionery.
  • MUSEUM EVENTS - from the V&A to the Beetles.
  • EXHIBITION STANDS - World wide small modular to multi national car companies.
  • RECEPTION SHOWROOMS - from brewery companies to British Rail.
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - casualty unit, electric cars, ex bus railcar and racecar livery.
  • PRINT & GRAPHICS - assembly instructions, specification manuals for contractors.
  • CONFERENCE & SPECIAL EVENTS - NATO table and offices, UK car launch tour,
  • G8 government office suits in the ICC Birmingham,
  • Tyre Company open day at Donnington Circuit and Club events including promotion, programme, site layout, and trophies

On offer

Design Consultancy providing outline sketches and scale detail drawings for self build.

Some car models from the private collection and a limited number of 1-24 scale vans available for re livery option as an advertising item.

Miniature paintings in a wide range of styles all original, some reduced as computer prints and re-worked.

144 scale houses for dolls houses.

Contact details

Website: www.wildayswizzardworkshop.co.uk/

Email addresses: info@wildayswizzardworkshop.co.uk