Vynette's Dolls...

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Vynette's Dolls... Dolls of Distinction

My name is Vynette and I live in South Africa, at the coast in the small city of Port Elizabeth.

During my childhood, having been born into an artistic family, art would have been my career of choice. However being an artist in SA at that time was not really a career on which one could survive, so I redirected myself to accounting.

After I met my husband and had more time for creativity, I discovered the world of miniatures, and was fascinated by the miniature dolls. I had always been intrigued by tiny things and after discovering these 1:12 scale porcelain dolls, I knew that I wanted to learn how to make them.

 I started making dolls as a hobby, and in order to fine tune my skills I attended a number of workshops in SA and Europe.

From this early hobby grew a passion. From inception to completion of each tiny person is always an incredible experience.  With each new doll my goal is to increase the level of my skills so as to create only the very best!

Website:              www.vynettesdolls.co.za

E-mail:                  vynette@worldonline.co.za