Nursery Knits

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Nursery Knits: miniature knitted animals and dolls

How it all began

I have always loved miniatures since I was a child, and been fascinated  by toys and dolls of all sizes.

I left work in 2000 and pottered about with this and that....then in Dec. 2002,   I found a mini knitting pattern by Rebecca Smith-Keary, for a tiny, one inch Santa. Never a knitter in real life ....I decided to have a go , bought my needles and thread from Frances of Buttercup Miniatures ....and lo and behold I was hooked....or should that be needled ?

I started to experiment with my own designs and patterns for toys and dolls in the 1/12th scale Nursery , and eventually started to sell my little knits , first on Ebay and then at fairs.

1/48th Scale

I developed an interest in the smaller  1/144th and 1/48th  scales , and eventually realized that my little animals could be used in Whimsical Scenes in 1/48th scale.

This is the area that I tend to concentrate on now...and love to knit a wide variety of little animal families.

My little knitted animals and dolls can either be used in a 1/12th scale Nursery or as tiny residents in 1/48th scale setting.

These can be seen at Doreen Jeffries' November Leeds Doll's House & Miniature Fair, commonly known to afficionados as the Pudsey Fair .

Contact details

Jill Rothwell.