Dollshouse Heaven...

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Catherine’s Dollshouse Heaven of Miniature Food and Knitted items

Catherine has always been passionate about craftwork and social history, and these interests were brought together with the purchase of a large, empty Victorian dollshouse many years ago.  

The miniature kitchen needed miniature food and it was the discovery of polymer clay that eventually led to a full larder.  

It was not long before Catherine started experimenting with highly detailed miniature flowers made from the same medium. 

"Accurate replication..."

Everything that she makes from polymer clay is the result of a meticulous study of the real, full-sized original to ensure the most accurate replication of colour, texture and proportion in twelfth scale.

Miniature knitting...

To create soft furnishings for her Victorian dollshouse led Catherine to adapt her existing, full-sized, knitting and embroidery skills.  She is now frequently able to offer items for sale that have been  knitted in the finest of silks or cottons on the finest of needles.

Catherine has written many articles for the “Dollshouse and Miniature Scene” magazine and in the April 2007 edition of this magazine, her “Spring Garden in an Ostrich Egg” was reproduced as an Easter card.

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