Project: Miniature Chocolate Truffles...

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By Margaret Cassidy

Would you like to make a box of chocolates, a sweet shop or counter?


Then you might enjoy this quick way to make lots of chocolate truffles to fill them.  (Plain, Milk and White chocolate)

 You will need:
  • Peppercorns
  • A pin
  • Small rolling-pin or glass bottle
  • Craft mat and ceramic tile (to bake on)
  • Polymer Clay:  I have used ‘Fimo’ Soft:-
  • White, code 0 – Chocolate, code 75 – Sahara, code 70 – Sunflower, code 16.


1:12th Scale Chocolate Truffles...


1.            Take some clay and work it, - roll it out.


2.            Gently press peppercorns into the clay and then flip them out with the end of the pin. This will form the moulds for your truffles.


3.            Bake in the oven. Always follow the baking instructions on the packet.


4.            Work some chocolate clay (for plain chocolate truffles) and push a small piece into each ‘chocolate’ shape in the mould. Flip each chocolate out with the end of the pin.


5.            For white chocolate, I mix a tiny piece of yellow and a tiny piece of beige clay with a larger piece of white until I get the correct milky shade.


6.            For milk chocolate, I mix some white with the chocolate coloured clay.

7.            Place your chocolates in lines on your tile and bake.