Helena Petite Fashions

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Helena was taught how to knit by her mother at a very young age. In those days (just after the war) knitting was mainly done out of necessity as clothes in the shops were not only scarce but also very expensive.

Very soon Helena was knitting jumpers for her younger brother, family and friends at school.

Patterns  were plentiful and so was the wool and just in case she could not find the right pattern she would try and design her own.

During the eighties there was a sharp decline in home knitting and pattern magazines all but disappeared at the newsagents. For many people it was a lot easier and cheaper to buy ready made knitted items at the warehouses.

The twenty first century has seen a slow, but steady reversal of this process when people discovered that exclusive knitwear could also be knitted by hand, but this time as a hobby rather than out of necessity.


During this time, Helena got interested in Miniatures with Miniature Knitting in particular; she sourced materials like needles, threads and patterns to make a start with this new challenge in 1/12 scale.

Since those early days, her own new designs “roll” off her needles at ever increasing speed. Several of these patterns have been published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine and she is very proud to have been associated with two productions of “stop motion animated” big screen films. The last one (Fantastic Mr. Fox), directed by Wes Anderson with the voices of Cate Blanchett, George Clooney and Bill Murray, is being shot at the Three Mills Studio in London at this moment and is due to be released in November 2009. Having seen the film sets with her own eyes (which must be any miniaturists dream), Helena more than ever, intends to furtherher efforts and spread her enthusiasm for Miniature Knitting.