Piskies and Poppets

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Handcrafted Dolls and Accessories by Debie Lyons Doll Artist, sculptor and miniaturist.

I have been interesting making and creating ever since I can remember. After trying out all sorts of art and crafts I decided to have a go at working with polymer clay. So, a few years ago I brought a block of polymer clay for making dolls, I had a go with it and hated using it. It stayed in a draw for a long time, then, one day when I was bored so I decided to try and have another go.  After hours of practice, trial and error I finally made a little fantasy head and I haven’t looked back since.

Initially I made lots of little fairies and elves not even realising that I was making miniatures.  It wasn’t until I joined my first group that I realised that I was.   I then discovered 1/12th and 1/24th scale and found that I preferred working in these scales and continue to do so.

I am completely self-taught and an avid experimentalist.  All of my dolls/figures are handcrafted and hand-sculpted; I do not use moulds.   All of my work is made to a high standard and it is always unique.

Although I make lots of different types and styles of doll and accessories I often find myself drawn to witches, wizards and settings including them.  However, I still do, from time to time make the occasional art and fantasy piece.

I prefer to sell my dolls and accessories on -line they can be found on ebay, seller id  - huffy2141 and I also have an Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Debie123

As well as AIM, I am also a member of CDHM and the British Polymer Clay Guild.

My website is http://www.piskiesandpoppets.com/

I am also a blogger, this is where I post news about my work and sometimes tips/techniques and methods of working,


If you have any questions or queries please email me, hufflepuffed1048@aol.com