Paper Minis (TM)

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By Ann Vanture

Paper Minis(TM), by Ann Vanture, are doll and dollhouse accessories available primarily as easy-to-make Cut 'n Glue kits. Currently available products include printie CDs as well. In that collection of CDs you will find a set of 5 printie CDs for 18" girl dolls-very unusual!


The Paper Minis Cut 'n Glue kits are made using a unique "secret recipe" design and print technique that took Ann 10 years to perfect. Coupled with this secret recipe she uses the absolute best high-end specialty papers available and in different weights and finishes to simulate the human scale versions. A steady stream of customer feedback testifies they have never seen such detail in miniature. The book collection and monthly book clubs are unparalleled!


Most of the Cut 'n Glue kits are designed for 1:12 scale, but a few are available for 12"-14" fashion dolls (1:6) and the 6.25" Hitty doll. Join the free Paper Minis Club by emailing and receive the complimentary newsletters and exciting monthly complimentary projects in 3 adjustable doll scales. A great way to be introduced to Paper Minis(TM) and a great way to learn how to make printies!


Visit the Paper Minis(TM) website at and see all the available kits and CDs photographed and described in detail. While you are visiting the website, look over the on-line library of photo tutorials and click on the Paper Minis Club sign-up button.

The photos below display two examples of the 1" scale Paper Minis Cut 'n Glue kits.
f1is011a ~ Ladies Gifts Hat Box & Clutch Box ($3.98), can be found at:

The second kit, t1is013 ~ Faux Doll Collection ($7.98), is located at:
Of course you can navigate the entire site very easily using the pull-down menu system...the experience is eye candy!