Ann High

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Ann High - Finely hand carved & painted furniture from the ‘Age of Oak’ Medieval, Tudor, Stuart & Arts & Crafts. 1/12th & 1/24th scale.

IGMA Artisan

I have always loved making miniatures of one sort or another, as did my mother and grandfather before me.  My first house was a chunky modern building, followed by a Victorian house. Then I made my first timber framed Tudor house which began a total fascination for everything in this period and the underrated medieval period that went before it. This naturally led on to making suitable furniture for these periods.

I now design and make furniture from ‘The Age of Oak' - Medieval, Tudor & Stuart pieces that are all carefully hand carved.  I particularly enjoy researching and measuring existing pieces of furniture to produce in miniature or putting my own interpretation on designs from early paintings or manuscripts.

Being asked to turn a 1/24th goblet led to the challenge of making in this increasingly popular scale.  This considerably refined my carving and construction skills enabling me to achieve more intricate designs.

I love the sheer variety of the Tudor & Medieval periods which are a wonderful source of beautiful hand carved furniture and colourful furnishings and I am also interested in the Arts & Crafts period, which has, of course, its roots in the Medieval.

I make cushions suitable for this period and also the hangings and bed linen for my carved beds.

I am also happy to make furniture, houses & room boxes to commission.

I can be found at Miniatura, Kensington Dollshouse Festival & Tom Bishop

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Telephone: 01689 859617