Westwinds Miniatures...

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Westwinds Miniatures...

Hello, I am Julie, an Englishwoman who lives in Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital city with her Canadian husband.

After “playing” with miniatures for over twenty-five years, at the urging of friends and with the support and help of my husband, in 2009 I decided to live my dream of making miniatures for sale.

I specialize in ladies’ accessories, from undies to hats (including a range of fetching witches’ hats) and items for the boudoir. I also customise furniture and hand-paint accessories. Every piece I create is unique, using the finest materials and finished to the highest standards.



I create items as my whimsy takes me and I try to have something different for every show that I attend. I welcome commissions and the challenges they bring.

Please take a moment to visit my web site: http://www.westwindsminiatures.com



Westwinds Miniatures