SAS Miniature Dolls

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SAS Miniature Dolls by Sandra A. Stacy

My name is Sandra A. Stacy of SAS Miniature Dolls.  I live in a small town in Central Texas and love to make porcelain dolls.  I mostly prefer to make 1/12 scale dolls, but have been known to make and dress some smaller dolls.  I have always been interested in making things and came to realize how much I enjoy making miniature about 12 years ago.  I learned to sew when I was five years old on my grandmother's old tredle sewing machine.  In October of 1995 a shop opened in my area selling porcelain dolls.  The lady decided to give classes in making them and I was one of the first students to sign up.  I was hooked from then on.  I made large dolls at first, but soon fell into making miniatures. 


Someday I would love to learn to sculpt my own dolls, but until that time comes I use well known commercial artist moulds to make my dolls.  I do all my own casting of the moulds, cleaning and firing the porcelain.  It's like Christmas morning to open a kiln load of porcelain that is fired to perfection!  I then china paint all of my dolls to be sure the paint will never scratch or rub off so that the doll will be able to be handed down for generations if desired without losing its colour. 


I love textures and colours of fabrics and have a wonderful time searching out antique shops to find special pieces I use on my dolls.  I also use newer fabrics, but prefer to recycle special fabrics whenever possible.  Who would have guessed an antique hankie could become a lovely doll gown?  Talk about an heirloom.  What a way to remember and pass down cherished objects from loved ones.


I make all types of dolls.  I love the Victorian period, but also make modern dolls.  I've even made a mermaid or two.  One baby mermaid won a contest from the mould maker.  I enjoy making patterns for my dolls too.  I hope to be sharing a few with this wonderful AIM group. 


Sandra A. Stacy

SAS Miniature Dolls



My work can be seen at: