Regina Passy Yip Miniatures

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Regina Passy Yip Miniatures

I'm a former chemistry and physics teacher, graduated at USP. I gradually developed my hand skills, and what used to be a hobby became a profession that I gladly do: I'm a miniaturist and miniature teacher.

When I began this hobby, doll's house was nearly unknown in Brazil , and I had to learn it all by myself. I always try to update myself with what's new, keeping in touch with foreign miniaturists, magazines and books.

In 2000 I met Roselly Pizzolotti. We then founded MiniClube, a group with the goal to gather miniature lovers and spread this art through our country, Brazil . With around 150 members, we've already done several meetings, exhibitions and workshops.

During these years working with miniatures, I had many works published in magazines, books and websites, and I also gave some interviews to newspapers and TV shows.

It takes whole months to finish one of my miniatures, because I insist on making every piece on it. I like to work with wood and polymerclay, but I can use all kinds of material.

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