Miniature Books By Pat Carlson...

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About the books...

In the world of miniatures, is there anything more satisfying than achieving realism?  My hand made miniature books are the real thing...printed on both sides of the page, most are hard-cover bound using traditional stitched bookbinding techniques, and most are readable (several include illustrations).  Many are adapted reproductions of full-sized volumes that are very old, some are creations from my own imagination with original covers and hand-colored illustrations.  Most of the books are suitable for 1:12 scale miniature display and are designed to be displayed either open or closed (other scales, such as doll-sized books, are also available).

My miniature books are completely hand made without the use of a press.  Each book is printed in my studio on acid-free fine papers using high quality archival inks...each page is individually cut by hand...all binding is hand-sewn...each book is treated with a special art fixative to ensure it will retain color and vibrance beyond a life-time.  I make each little book with the care and authenticity you desire in a miniature creation and your satisfaction is my number one priority. 

Most books are available on my website: - Topics include (but are not limited to) Art, Alphabet, Animals and Nature, Children's stories, Cookbooks, Fairy Tales, books in other languages, History, Journals and Diaries, One of A Kind, Poetry, Sports, Victorian and Witch/Wizard books.

I also offer my miniature books on eBay, CDHM, and Etsy.


I have been making miniature books since the early 1990's.  It all started when my husband bought me a dollhouse kit.  What a happy day! One of the rooms was a library and, well...I needed books!  I haven't been able to stop making them after all these's a passion and I'm constantly in search of new books to create.  I am proud and humbled to say that my work has been published in American Miniaturist and Dollshouse World Magazines.


Do you have a favorite book you would like miniaturized?

Perhaps A Wedding Album or Baby book?

Custom orders are happily accepted!

EMAIL me at:


Website: (please check the site often as I add new books regularly.)