Orsolya Skultéti...

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Orsolya Skultéti...

My name is Orsolya Skultéti, but everybody knows me as "Orsi from Hungary".

 My story started 25 years ago, when I was allowed to play with my mum's dolls house furniture during the summer holiday.

I have been making miniatures for seven years now and I am IGMA Artisan in Food. Though I specialized on miniature food, I do basketry, build room boxes and dolls houses and make different dolls house accessories.

As I like the gastronomy it was an easy decision to choose miniature food making, but I enjoy working with miniatures far more to deal with only one certain field. I give lectures on miniatures in Hungary and offer help to those who just started this hobby.

You can see my miniature creatures on my websites:



If you have questions, please contact me on the following address: