Miniature Home by Melissa (Missy) Boling

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Miniature Home - Heirloom quality miniature petitpoint designs

My name is Melissa (Missy) Boling, and I design and sell charts for petitpoint on silk gauze.  I also accept commissions for custom designs or finished pieces.  Most of my work is 40-48 stitches per inch, but I have worked as high as 72.  Higher counts are possible, but the range of colors available in the thinner threads is more limited.


My charts include cushions, rugs, wall hangings, household accessories, and Christmas stockings.  They are available either as pdf files by email, or hard copies by mail.  The charts are typically in color with easily read symbols, but I can do black and white only or color only if you email me with the special request.  I am always available to answer questions about stitching or finishing.

I hope you'll check out my website or visit me on my blog!

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Heirloom quality miniature petitpoint designs

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 Melissa Boling

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