Marfolhuz Miniatures

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Marfolhuz Miniatures by Marieke Folkers

Hello, So nice to meet you,


I am Marieke, a miniature artist, living in the Netherlands.


I have always loved little things and I’ve been making dollhouse miniatures for a couple of years now.


I have a good eye for details and I love copying all sorts of things from every day life into 1:12 scale.


I have no particular speciality but Magical and Mythic things have my heart at the moment because they allow my fantasy to roam freely. Polymer clay is my most favorite material to work with.

Where at first I only made miniatures for myself and friends, I recently also started to sell my miniatures through Etsy by the name of Marfolhuz Miniatures.


Feel free to view my work or contact me by using the following links:


My Blog:


My Etsy shop:


My Email: