Lost Creek Station Miniatures

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Lost Creek Station Miniatures by Lloyd D Cooper

My interest in miniatures began at age 13 when I began to build scale model cars. I gained experience and developed my building techniques through out my teen years. I entered and was fortunate enough to win a number of model cars contests and competitions. I stayed with the hobby until I joined the U.S. Army at age 19. I continued to build models as a hobby after my return to civilian life up until I no longer felt any challenge in doing so. My modeling endeavors then turned to model railroading. Her I found new challenges; I learned new building skills and techniques that added to my overall modeling abilities. In retrospect, I was learning the skill sets that would serve me as I grew and developed as a scale model maker.


In my late 20's I graduated college with a degree in Architectural Engineering and began what was to be my professional career. As an adjunct, I built architectural scale models as part of my work. My early model building skills served me well in the making of these models. I continued to build models in one form or another through out my adult life.


It was in the late 80's that I first encountered 1/12th scale miniatures. I began reading periodicals and attending shows, meeting builders and artisans. I began building seriously in the mid 90's. I joined the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and the National Association of Miniature Enthusiast and considered pursuing miniatures as a full time avocation. I did sell a few of my pieces and I worked in collaboration with Beverly Gallerani; a Fellow of the I.G.M.A. As life is want to do, I was lead in other directions and no longer had the time to build in miniature. I am now retired and my interest in miniatures has been renewed and I've decided to pursue miniatures as a late life career.


I would describe my work as depictions of older, aging and weathered structures. My experience as an Architectural Eng'r. allowed me to intimately understand the way 1:1 structures are built and conversely how they age, weather and deteriorate. I find in each structure the story of its life. The people that lived or worked there ; the events that took place surrounding it. The history of place ; if you will. I find a subtle beauty in the aging process. I feel my work would best fit the categories of house builder, and miniature accessories. I feel I've been blessed with the ability to duplicate almost anything in miniature. As to how well I succeed in my endeavors, is left to the observer. I do feel however that with over 50 years of miniature building experience;

I've become somewhat proficient in the endeavor.



I have opened a shop on etsy.com where I offer my work for sale. The URL is:


I do not have a website as of yet but do plan on having one in the very near future.

I do, however, have an online photo album of my work which can be found at:



It is my hope that an association with A.I.M. will help further my miniature endeavors.

I am on Facebook as well and have been invited to join several "circles" there. I am making new friendships with fellow miniaturist daily. It is also my hope that I will be able to contribute something of value to my fellow miniaturist. I will be submitting the photos as requested. I may have to send them in a separate email however. I thank you for approving my membership with A.I.M.


Warmest regards,

Lloyd D. Cooper