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Linda Cummings...

I specialise in highly detailed, realistic miniature foods, working mainly in 12th scale & ranging from gourmet platters to good old British comfort foods. Living on a farm & breeding game birds, I have unlimited access to feathers that I carefully scale down & apply 1 x 1 to a polymer base to reproduce realistic game birds. Often when working I find that an idea will lead to something completely different as it seems that as I work, pieces simply “evolve”!

Although not having had any formal training specifically directed at miniature food making, having been a wife & mother for over 30 years who has had to produce “real” food every day means I have a huge range of recipes to choose from when making my mini creations! I have to say that I only wish my “real” food looked as appetizing as the mini versions…sadly it never does!


Linda Cummings IGMA Artisan


Elvet Farm,  Darlington Road,  Durham City, DH1 3SY