Georgina Ritson Dolls

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Dolls by Georgina Ritson

I first began producing dolls for miniaturists in 2006 making every aspect of the doll myself from the initial casting to the final touches of a fully costumed piece. Over time my hobby turned into a business and a waiting list for my commissioned pieces began to grow. Consequently it became necessary to call on other craftspeople to help create my dolls. My original doll moulds and porcelain are produced in the Staffordshire “potteries.” I continue to hand paint each doll’s face, remaining loyal to traditional china painting techniques to ensure that no two dolls are the same.


Fully costumed pieces

I create dolls for all time periods from Edwardian ladies dressed in vintage silks and exquisite lace to contemporary “people” dressed in celebrated Liberty of London fabric. I specialise in commissions and dolls made to order, however I bring out a limited collection of new dolls frequently and display these in the “Available Dolls” section. In this section you are buying a “first edition” or a “one off” doll and avoid a waiting list for dolls made to order.


Specialising in commissions

 I take a small deposit up front (10-20%) to cover the cost of materials and hold the space in my order book. When the doll is complete I will send you high resolution images before sending the final invoice.


Georgina Ritson Original Dolls

The sculptures for my original dolls were brought to life by a classically trained sculptor under the supervision of Katy Sue in the 1990s.  I have 20 original dolls including: Michael and Louise (toddlers with pixie ears,) Charles Rennie Mackintosh (modelled on the Glaswegian artist) and Grandma Dora. Other dolls include platinum dolls Vicky, Emma and Katherine, the unsinkable Molly Brown and a handsome young man named Bill.

Kits and “wigged” dolls

For those collectors who wish to dress dolls themselves, I offer porcelain kits and ready to dress dolls, assembled and “wigged.” Any of the dolls seen on my website are available in kit or ready to dress form, made to order so you can request specific eye or hair colour.


Original doll moulds

Keen to support British manufacturing I outsourced the production of my original moulds to the Staffordshire “potteries” and now I am delighted to offer these moulds commercially to other artisans. The moulds are produced by remaining loyal to traditional production techniques first used in the “potteries” in the 1840s for the use of miniature doll makers.


Miniaturist Shows

I am based in London however I do not have a show room. My dolls can be seen “in person” at Miniatura or the Kensington Dolls House Festival or on my website.


Thank you! J

I am most grateful to all my clients (in particular those who have supported me since the beginning) for enabling me to work for my business full time; I consider myself to be very fortunate and I am thankful to you all!


Business Name: Georgina Ritson Dolls



Phone: 020 7482 2488