Elisa Fenoglio...

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Elisa Fenoglio...

I live in Italy, in Turin, a beautiful baroque city that, besides having extraordinary artistic and architectonic treasures, is very lively. I live right in the centre, just a few steps from the palace that was once the king’s home, with my beloved husband and my two adorable children.


I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, Italy, in 1997, specialising in Scenography and Costume.

My entrance into the Italian arts world was immediate and important experience was gained in theatre, television and the cinema alongside some of the greatest directors such as Luca Ronconi, Ugo Gregoretti, Mario Missiroli, Lina Wertmuller, Gabriele Lavia and costume designers such as Eugenio Guglielminetti, Vera Marzot, Gino Persico, Luciano Damiani.

In 2003 I increased my scope, graduating in web design and putting the new skills into practice with numerous websites. All this, while applying my love of scenography and costumes in short film and industrial video production.

Other works include personalised portraits, illustrations for important scholastic publishers, greeting card, catalogue, poster and advertisement creation, for various companies..

5 years ago I began the creation of 1:12 scale figures for roomboxes through a request by international private collectors. My love of detail, of precious materials and of colour and form harmonies has taken me to my latest adventure in the creation of little enchanted figures such as faeries and mermaids that express my delicate and fairytale style to the full.

My love for miniatures was born during my time at University, when I had to make models of the sceneries and the costumes I idealised in order to pass my exams. The passion for dolls and sculpture, however, has always been part of me.

When I create my dolls I unite my experience as a costume designer with the continuous research of new combinations of materials and colours. Having had the fortune of working in theatre and cinema productions with historical costumes, I was able to study first hand the clothes and the dresses of ages past.

I continually study patterns of antique clothes and dresses and photo’s of costumes that are currently in the most famous museums. I also enjoy experimenting new techniques and researching different effects: I never finish learning and this is very stimulating.

I have been making 1:12 scale porcelain dolls for five years and until recently I used commercial beautiful doll bodies but I couldn’t feel that my creations were entirely my own. So, last year I decided to make a doll that was completely mine, sculpted by me, with my personal style. It was a long and hard process, but I am now proud to announce that my first doll is finally ready.

Contact details:

Elisa Fenoglio, Via Milano 7, 10122 Torino – Italy



email: info@elisafenoglio.it