Dorys Barahona...

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Dorys Barahona...

My name is Dorys Barahona and I call my business dbaMinis. I have been Featured Artisan for October 2008 at Custom Dolls Houses and Miniatures –CDHM-

I specialize in molded clay dolls and miniature crocheted bears. I also make miniature crocheted animals and have started working on crocheted dolls. All my creations come from my imagination and I experiment with different techniques and materials.  Every item that I make is OOAK (one of a kind) which makes each one unique and special. 

I got my start in the minis world while living in Canada. I had a friend who shared her collection of miniatures with me and I instantly fell in love. I started out with a dollhouse but I realized that it was really difficult to find items that I wanted to put inside.  My love for miniatures and my passion for art, crocheting and handcrafts took me to try to make my own pieces.

Since then I have had an interest in being a miniature artisan.  I discovered a new world when I started my minis five years ago;   it was like they were coming to life by themselves.  Now, when I watch the pictures of everything I made, I can’t believe how I could do them.  I also feel like I’ve grown too much in the process, because I'm so proud that many people around the world have one of my minis in their collections.  I'm very thankful to all of them.

I’m from Guatemala but I live in Colorado, USA with my husband and two sons.  I’m a Sociologist with a higher degree in Political Sciences.

My website is:    and I also have a gallery at

My email is