DianeYunnieMiniature Dolls

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DianeYunnieMiniature Dolls by Dianne Yunnie

My love of miniatures and dolls started at an early age when my parents made me a dolls house as a Christmas gift.

I spent many hours making furniture and creating new outfits for the residents

Later I became a Maths and House craft teacher and so the sewing skills and pattern developing improved.

Years later Porcelain Doll making also became popular and I started making the larger dolls, but these got smaller and smaller




I have now been making miniature dolls for the last 18 years  In 2009  I  obtain the I.G.M.A. status.

I make dolls from 6 inches to 1 inch  Men ,Women and children from all eras.

  The little dolls that come in boxes with their accessories are really enjoyable to put together 

 E Mail  - dianeyunnie@gmail.com      

My Work can be found at: