Cristina Artdoll Studio

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Cristina Artdoll Studio by Cristina Caballero

Cristina began creating costumed figures in the US, where she lived for 12 years, working as a scenic artist. There she produced a variety of characters, from 12 inches tall up to life-size, selling them at professional shows and through specialized Art galleries.

But when she moves back to Madrid, her hometown, finds out collectors are more interested in miniature rather than larger figures, so soon she starts her first collection of 1/12th scale characters and scenes.


All her miniatures are original creations sculpted in polymer clay over wire armatures without using any moulds or patterns. So each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation entirely made from scratch.


As a profound admirer of Romanticism, Cristina reflects in her dolls a mix of melancholy and sense of humor, which beyond their rich and colorful appearance, always keep a pleasant surprise for those who get closer and observe the expression on their faces or the delicate details of their clothes.

Each doll has its own personality and a story to tell us. Whether it’s a realistic character or a fantasy scene, naturalism and movement always distinguish her artistic style. Each costume is carefully draped and wrinkled to accompany the position of the figure, and so furniture and accessories are also handcrafted or modified to perfectly fit the scene.


“Making character figures has become one of my true passions. When I create dolls and scenes, I can incorporate many of the techniques I use in scenic construction, only in smaller scale. It is incredible how many artistic possibilities you can find in the field of miniature.”




Cristina Caballero

Cristina Artdoll Studio








Tel: (34) 690 621 073

Madrid. SPAIN