Characters in Miniature

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Characters in Miniature by Cornelia Koehler

I am a doll maker from Germany and specialize in ooak polymer clay figures in 1 inch and sometimes half inch scale. I love to sculpt portrait dolls, I am  just about to finish a Prince Charles and plan to make a Camilla as well.


Facial expressions and body language are very important to me - I try to give every character a unique composure depending on what he or she is supposed to represent.

Actually sculpting is the easiest part - costuming can take days or even a week because I have an exact image in my mind which I try to translate.


I am interested in costumes and period patterns - I do my best to replicate them for my figures but I am aware that I still have a long way to go. I rarely use patterns  but work on the sculpted figure using old paintings and so on as a guide.

I use old fabrics and lace if possible and often dye my fabrics as I am convinced that the costuming is as important as the actual figure.

I just love the work, actually each day could have 5 0r 6 additional hours.

I have so many ideas and wish I had the time to carry  them out I just put up my website - there is still  lot of work to do, but it is a start.


I am very interested in everything polymer clay related, particularly as the manufacturers changed the formulas and handling the clays has become more difficult.


I attend one fair per year, the 1zu12 in May, and I get commissions mainly via word of mouth.


Contact Details

Haspelstr. 1

35037 Marburg