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By Barbara Brear...

I am Barbara Brear - a miniaturist from South Africa and the creator of BB Miniatures.

 My main area of skill in miniatures is in the field of miniature bookbinding.  Before discovering miniatures I had done full sized bookbinding, so it was a natural direction to take.  About eight years ago I started my own miniature business called BB Miniatures.  I believe that I was the first to make “Open Books”.  These books are made to remain in an open position in order to imitate the gravity that is so difficult to simulate in one-twelfth scale.  The books are all fully sewn and made in exactly the same way that a full-scale book is made.  The result is a miniature book that lies open, imitating reality in a most satisfying way. 

Recently I found a printing company who were able to manage the demanding technical requirements of printing in miniature and so I have now branched out into fully printed books.  All of my books are made with exactly the same method as full-sized books and are made with the finest acid free papers and leather so thin that it is almost see through.  This allows me to get the accurate corners and the rounded spines that so successfully imitate reality.  

I have been a member of the Internet community since I first started in miniatures.

The Internet has also allowed me to share my work via my web page and to meet miniaturists from all over the world.


I was extremely honoured to be chosen as a Scholarship student for Guild School in America in 2006 and subsequently to gain my Artisanship status with the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.  I have now been selected to be a teacher at Guild School in 2010 and am looking forward to the opportunity to teach miniature bookbinding in America.

 I invite you to visit my web page to find out more about the miniature books that I make and to see my dollshouse pages which also include many “How To” tips for those who might be interested.