Anna Hardman Dolls

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Anna Hardman Dolls by Anna Hardman

One of a Kind Mixed Media Figurative Sculpture

My name is Anna Hardman. I am originally from Russia. I have been introduced into the world of miniature dolls by accident. It all started with a purchase of a dollhouse for my daughter who was 5 years old at that time. We were reading a very fun book called The Doll People by Ann M. Martin. It is a story about a porcelain dollhouse family who would come to life when the night fell. Of course, my daughter wanted a porcelain dollhouse family with a nanny, an aunt and an uncle, a granny and a tiny baby just like in the book. I found the stores didn’t sell porcelain people. The only way out was to learn to make them myself. I always enjoyed art and crafts. So took a class from a local Seeley’s company. The doll making process was enchanting, relaxing and joyful. I got home and purchased a kiln. That is how it all started. My daughter is all grown up now, but we never have finished the dollhouse or the family to go in it, sadly.

Doll making is my hobby and passion now. Sculpting and painting are the aspects I enjoy the most. I can sculpt for many hours straight. I like creating unattainable women, who depict love, romance, fantasy, a bit of sadness and sensuality. Showing feeling in a woman-doll is the most challenging. I get great inspiration from photographs and art. Most of my dolls are created in porcelain in 1:12 scale from my own molds. Some of my work are original one of a kind sculpts in polymer clay. I put a lot of love and effort into every figure I make. My dolls are in private collections around the world. In May 2007 I was awarded the status of Artisan by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans organization. Two of my dolls have been awarded the Doll of the Year Award by Doll Reader magazine. You can view past and new work in my gallery on my website -